PC Corp – 30 Years of Excellence

PC Corp is a technology company …

In 1982, on the heels of IBM entering the personal computer business with its now iconic ‘PC’ and the year the concept of a worldwide network of interconnected networks was introduced as the ‘Internet’, PC Corp opened its doors.

Over the last 30+ years, we have built a solid reputation around our highly efficient and cost effective Procurement Services delivered largely to Government, Education, and Enterprise clients. Our Managed Services, which provide ongoing management, monitoring, and maintenance of corporate IT environments, are custom tailored for corporations where a well-run IT infrastructure is a critical element of success. The Professional Services (Project) team complements the work of the above two with design, planning, and implementation services of specialized technologies.

… focused on people.

The founders of PC Corp remain actively involved in the organization, both in day-to-day operations and setting the strategic direction of the company. Together with an engaged management team, they drive the focus on our people, our culture, and, most importantly, our clients. In these areas there is no room for compromise.

Our ongoing success, otherwise, is simple: we marry our certified specialists with current technology tools and deliver services through processes based on ITIL practices. The key and unconditional element, however, is our belief in “Making I.T. Easy” for our clients. That is our battle cry.

These are, over all, the reasons we are at 30+ years of excellence … and counting!