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Increase productivity with a flexible workplace

Flexwork strategies such as telework, virtual workplaces and workplace redesign are transforming the way people and organizations do business. As organizations seek to recruit and empower skilled workers, flexwork provides a more attractive experience in which people can choose the ideal time and place for their work. By enabling full productivity beyond the constraints of physical desks, offices and traditional work hours, organizations can reduce real estate, travel and labor costs.

To be effective, a flexwork strategy must address three fundamental remote access requirements:

  • People must be able to work in the same way they would at their desk, with full access to apps and data
  • People need to be able to interact and collaborate with co-workers just as easily as if they are physically located in the same place
  • IT must be able to secure and control business information to maintain protection, privacy and compliance
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Make flexwork a simple, secure and effective part of your strategy

As a leader in mobile workstyles 1 (link below), Citrix enables secure flexwork strategies of all kinds, from part-time and full-time telework, to office-sharing and hoteling, to workplace redesign, to comprehensive business continuity. Citrix flexwork solutions let organizations:
  • Give employees the flexibility of a mobile workplace to choose the ideal time and place for their work
  • Protect confidential business information to meet privacy, compliance and risk management standards 2 (link below)
  • Provide uninterrupted access to apps and data to ensure continuity of operations during business disruptions
  • Reduce real estate, travel and labor costs through flexwork, telework and flexible workplace strategies
  • Attract and retain the best people wherever you find them

Citrix flexwork solutions 3 (link below) offer a unified app store, secure access to business resources, enterprise mobility management, Windows app and desktop virtualization, file sharing, collaboration and remote support to make flexwork, mobility and remote access simple and secure for any organization.