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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Share Your Passwords

One of the most challenging aspects of our modern digital lives is managing all the online accounts most of us now have. Credit monitoring firm, Experian®, found that 25- to 34-year-olds register for an average of 40 accounts per email address. However, across those 40 accounts, each person was using only five different passwords. Every…

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ARUBA Mobile Engagement Solutions – Bring Your Venue to Life!

With over a billion smartphones in the world today with anywhere, anytime access to the internet, the impact of personalized engagement with technology-enabled consumers cannot be underestimated. Whether your venue is industrial, cultural, transport, or hospitality, you can bring personalized services to your visitors with Aruba Mobile Engagement Solutions.  Engage them with relevant, targeted and…

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PC Corp Training – End Users and Tech Certifications

Where does your business rank? Canada’s Top 100 Employers use eight criteria to evaluate employers. Like athletes, businesses have to be well rounded and excel in multiple areas to make the list. Training & Development is one area considered when ranking the competitors.  The reasons are not complex: The workforce of today believes in training for…

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