Procurement Services

Technology Solutions on Demand

Every year, hundreds of thousands of technology devices are ordered through PC Corp Procurement Services. We manage complex sales requirements, including multisite deployments, inventorying, international deliveries, and emergency sourcing for mid-market, enterprise, educational and government clients.

PC Corp treats technology acquisition with unparalleled professionalism by focusing on gaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ long-term needs. We then identify the best products for the job and create solutions that are as unique as the organizations we service.

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PC Corp does not simply process orders. We ensure that specific business needs are met by spending extra time recommending the right products at the fairest prices within our clients’ time frames.

Trained by our leading manufacturers, the PC Corp team assists organizations with pre-sales recommendations, right through to infrastructure architecture. We research existing programs and promotions to guarantee competitive and current pricing, as well as work with distributors and manufacturers to ensure that deadlines are met.

With PC Corp, purchasing and maintaining software and licensing is easy. We guide our clients through the complexity of programs and pricing to ensure they get the most out of their software and licensing, while staying fully compliant. Assistance with tracking, activation and management of licensing are part of the benefits our clients experience.

Some of the many benefits our clients experience when they collaborate with us for their  software and licensing needs include:

  • In-depth strategic planning by our team of software experts
  • Leading products from the world’s top software developers

Comprehensive guidance that minimizes costs and maximizes productivity throughout the software lifecycle.