In 2021, the complexity of technologies and security threats makes I.T. difficult to manage on your own.

At PC Corp, with decades of experience in I.T., we are here to help simplify the task. Think of us as your friendly, proactive tech support team. Through our Managed I.T. program, we can become your I.T. department or provide support for your I.T. team, keeping your business secure, productive, and growing.

The right I.T. support mitigates threat exposure.

Expertise makes I.T. easier

Feel confident in the results. Our technicians watch over client networks with skill but also with care and attention, to deliver you smart and simplified tech support.

Members of Trust X Alliance (TXA)- North America and Europe

Stay informed and confident.

With a team that includes knowledgeable but very human I.T. pros, friendly account managers, and a direct line to PC Corp management, you are always kept in the know.

Cyberthreats worry us too.

(That is why we never stop working on security.)

Every 40 seconds, a company is hit with ransomware. We get that this is our new reality and we deliver layers of the defensive tools needed to protect your business.

Fully managed. Fully flexible.

It is always about our clients. You are in control of your I.T. support contract. No penalties. No long-term commitments.

Trust in Managed I.T.

“The response time from PC Corp has been very good. I feel that our municipality’s experience with PC Corp has spoiled our staff. We are now expecting similar service from other vendors.”

“I find the technical staff at PC Corp to be knowledgeable and well versed in their field. Your ServiceDesk Manager is not afraid to ask the needed questions, gets back to us in a timely manner, and, most importantly, gets the job done effectively.”

Let’s talk Managed I.T.

We are here to help by giving you information about I.T. support.

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