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Why It’s Still a Bad Idea to Post or Trash Your Airline Boarding Pass

An October 2015 piece published here about the potential dangers of tossing out or posting online your airline boarding pass remains one of the most-read stories on this site. One reason may be that the advice remains timely and relevant: A talk recently given at a Czech security conference advances that research and offers several…

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If Your Mobile Phone Has Stopped Working, You May Be Hacked

Our friends over at The Register recently documented yet another real-world example of a cybercrime known as SIM swapping. In its most up-front form, here’s the sort of thing that happens. A crook walks into a mobile phone shop, lets himself get talked into a top-of-the-range new mobile phone to replace the one he says he just lost….

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Your Data and Business Information is More Vulnerable than Ever …

Data and business information is more vulnerable than ever.  Last year over 4 billion data records were compromised worldwide – a 400% increase over the last 2 years.  Stay ahead of the hackers, thieves and unauthorized users with industry leading security solutions available on HP Elite PC’s and HP printers that are always on guard….

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