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Cloud Computing Trends That Will Affect Your Business

No longer just a buzzword in the IT industry, cloud computing has become a common way for companies to save money and scale up and down with ease. The past few years have seen cloud dominance by major providers such as Amazon and Google, but experts point to a future filled with multiple, highly customized…

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Protecting Critical Data: 5 Benefits of Online (Cloud-Based) Backup

PROTECTING CRITICAL DATA: 5 BENEFITS OF ONLINE (CLOUD-BASED) BACKUP A solid data backup plan can help companies survive catastrophic data loss. Both cloud-based and traditional in-house solutions can be used to back up data and we largely endorse a hybrid approach for corporate clients. However, in and by themselves, cloud-based solutions have notable advantages: 1….

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Microsoft WPC 2015

Under the sun and amidst the palm trees of Orlando, we are in attendance at the Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) 2015.  Running from July 12 – 16,  WPC is 5 days packed with Microsoft technology announcements, business strategies, partner networking and product experience.  Read about the latest Microsoft innovations announced HERE. 

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