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How AI Can Supercharge Your Zero Trust Cybersecurity Approach

Today’s cybercriminals are far from mere amateurs experimenting with their computers. They operate with the sophistication and organization of a full-fledged business, leveraging sizable teams and resources to penetrate your systems and compromise your data. Given this escalating threat, the projected growth of the cybercrime “industry” to $10 trillion by 2025 from its current $8…

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How To Make Data The Central Focus Of Your Zero Trust Approach

In recent years, there has been a significant shift among companies to cloud-based operations, spurred by the growing popularity of remote or hybrid work models. Every forward-thinking business, regardless of their working environment, is eager to exploit the advantages of digitization, from cost-efficiency and enhanced scalability to improved collaboration and productivity. It’s within this digital…

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Building A Resilient Zero Trust Architecture With An Identity-Driven Approach

Cybercrime is a significant risk on every business leader’s mind these days, and for a good reason: during the first quarter of 2023, businesses reported a 7% increase in global cyberattacks per week compared to last year.  Yet frequent incidents like the recent UPS SMS phishing, Suncor ransomware or the DraftKings credential stuffing attacks show…

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