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Top 5 CIS Controls to Implement Now

As security challenges evolve, so do the best practices to meet them. To stay up to date, many I.T. security professionals refer to the top 20 CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC) list, published annually by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).  This is a ‘Top 20’ list that can help organizations better defend against known attacks…

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Prevent Phishing Attacks on Microsoft 365 with Security Defaults

With the rise in the use of Microsoft 365 cloud services, these accounts have become very popular targets for cybercriminals. We have seen and heard directly from some clients that they have experienced a surge in attempts via phishing, in particular. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated as they frequently gain prior information about the…

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2020 … It has changed us. We live differently. We work differently. We connect differently.

This year, one of the hardest adjustments for us has been finding ways to connect while being physically apart; as the heart of PC Corp has always been people – our staff, our partners, and our clients. The in-person energy is hard to replace and replicate when we cannot be together. Instant messaging replaced the casual…

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