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Key Features to Consider When Purchasing an Education Projector

Today, projector image quality is better than ever. There’s an abundance of education projector options to choose from. Meeting the needs of educators, administrators and IT staff is easier than ever. Choosing, however, can be daunting. Understanding the key technologies and specifications can help you find your best-fit education projector. Taking the time to assess…

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To VPN or Not to VPN?

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have long been a trusted and popular solution for securing remote access to company resources. While they have been trusted and popular, they may not be the best fit for today’s changing workforce.  They now must be considered one of the tools in the toolbox and one which carries more risk…

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Code with Google – Unlocking Student Potential

Google has launched Code with Google, a new resource for teachers with the intention of helping to close equity gaps in computer science education. It brings together Google’s free curriculum and programs that build coding skills—from beginner level to advanced—to help students succeed by introducing coding basics to students or builds on the skills they…

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