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How To Access Previous Documents Within Microsoft OneDrive

There are some mistakes that you never make twice. One of them is forgetting to save a document, a detail immediately regretted in the event of a system crash or power outage. In the past, this mistake was a costly one, but it no longer affects Microsoft OneDrive users. Using OneDrive’s document versioning feature, you…

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4 Benefits of Separate Administrator Accounts

The practice of using separate administrator accounts involves limiting certain privileges to a select group of users. These users are the system administrators, and they keep the system running properly. Administrator privileges include application installation and the ability to work with files that are inaccessible to regular users. Here are a few reasons for restricting…

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How IT Automation is Saving Companies Time and Money

Using applications to automate routine tasks is more efficient than using manual tools. Yet most companies rely on manual tools, according to aServiceNow survey . 85% of 915 managers surveyed reported that their companies still use manual tools and that those tools cause significant delays. On average, the managers said they spend two days every…

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