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Key Announcements from Dell World 2024: What Your Business Needs to Know

The Dell Technologies World 2024 conference in late May was an opportunity for many IT enthusiasts to learn, connect with their peers, and meet with Dell representatives. Gathering in Las Vegas, attendees heard from Dell innovators and technology industry visionaries on the theme of “Accelerate your AI adoption”. They shared ways that Dell has leveraged artificial intelligence to develop products and programs that aim to transform how we live, work, and play. 

Attending these types of events is a great way to glean insights into new tools for streamlining and enhancing your operations. But if you didn’t make it to any of the live or virtual sessions, never fear! Let us recap of the most relevant announcements that came out of Dell World this year. Below, we break them down and explain what these innovations might mean for your business going forward. 

  1. A bold vision to make AI technology more accessible 

Many organizations feel unprepared to integrate AI into their workplace, because they understandably worry that they don’t have the right setup to do so: most organizations designed their operations in a different era where people conceptualized the relationship between work and technology quite differently.  

At Dell World, CEO Michael Dell emphasized the need to reimagine organizations for artificial intelligence. Dell and his team, outlined a strong vision for how businesses need to quickly commit to reorganizing both their infrastructure and internal business practices, alongside governments adopting AI-first investment strategies, in order to reap the benefits of the technology. 

Executing this will require businesses to understand how to effectively plan an IT infrastructure refresh. 

  1. New enhancements to help your organization easily implement AI

At the conference, Dell debuted changes to Dell AI Factory, the company’s end-to-end AI enterprise solution. By partnering with NVIDIA, a tech company focused on artificial intelligence computing, they have been able to incorporate more sophisticated key infrastructure components into their products. This includes additional graphic processing units to empower faster processing, paired with an enhanced Dell PowerEdge XE9680L server that leverages direct liquid cooling to perform more efficiently.  The company has also focused on developing automated turnkey and fully configured solutions so you can install and implement without fuss and start using it right away.  

As a result, companies can rely on more advanced compute power for handling larger-scale and faster AI deployments, as well as simpler deployments.  

Excited about the ability to harness the benefits of AI without having to figure it out by yourself? No matter the tool, your organization should take steps before integrating any new solution to make sure that you are ready for it. Learn more about these four IT support strategies for integrating AI in your organization. 

  1. New storage capabilities improving performance and security

Dell showcased significant improvements to two of its technologies, which will empower businesses to enhance their capacity to handle large volumes of data more effectively and quickly.  

They announced PowerStore Prime, the latest iteration of their PowerStore storage system. It leverages new software and hardware updates that, compared to its predecessor, make it faster, better at protecting data, and more capable of compressing data to maximize storage space.  

Dell has also made substantial changes to its cloud-based APEX platform, which comprises various sophisticated “as-a-service” IT solutions. They introduced a new AI-driven operations management tool called APEX AIOps to strengthen a business’s capacity to monitor its IT systems across different cloud environments and simplify the process of identifying and fixing issues. Why does this matter? Continuous 24/7 monitoring is critical for preventing threats from wreaking havoc on your stored data. 

  1. New tools to simplify implementing a Zero Trust cybersecurity framework

IT professionals consider a Zero-Trust cybersecurity framework to be the best practice for building a robust IT infrastructure capable of defending your resources.  

Dell World saw several discussions about how to harness edge computing to amplify your innovation and the impact of your zero-trust approach. The company announced their new Dell NativeEdge platform, which helps organizations streamline and scale their AI application development and deployment. Another partnership with NVIDIA, this product promises to allow businesses in various industries to drive better business outcomes.  

Importantly, the software integrates the key Zero Trust principles into its features, leveraging the company’s Project Fort Zero solution to minimize the risk of a cyberattack. Fun fact: this tool was validated by the U.S. Department of Defense!     

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Here’s what these tools share: Dell designed them to help businesses elevate their operations for greater success. While it may seem overwhelming to engage in the work necessary to modernize your infrastructure and incorporate AI or other advanced tools into your systems, your organization will benefit from evolving alongside this innovation – especially with the support of a skilled IT Solutions Provider by your side. 

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