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Navigating Zero Trust: Network Security’s Role In Your Business Defense

In 2023, conducting business online offers convenience and innovation, but it also comes with risks. As we embrace the benefits of the web, we must also be cautious about trusting our personal and proprietary information online. Cyberattacks are a growing concern, with criminals honing and deploying more advanced tactics on a daily basis. Earlier this…

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Decoding Zero Trust: Infrastructure’s Role In Protecting Your Data

Securing your business’s technological foundation is a hot topic for everyone, from small neighbourhood businesses to the most powerful governments on the planet. On August 9, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a statement encouraging the public and commercial sectors to strengthen their resilience in response to escalating threats. To accomplish this task,…

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Navigating Zero Trust: Device-Centered Security Measures To Protect Your Data

Unfortunately, in 2023, traditional security approaches won’t cut it anymore, with cybercriminals continuously developing new ways to infiltrate networks from outside and within. Given that, according to a recent Verizon report, 49% of cyber attacks involved stolen credentials, simply designing a solid password isn’t enough to keep your business’s data safe. Just in the last…

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