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Why Data Backup and Replication Should be Mandatory

Whether it’s employee communication or confidential client information, data is your organization’s most valuable asset. It’s no wonder data loss is on the tip of every executive’s tongue these days. Any potential loss or corruption of your data stores can have far-reaching consequences. On a small scale, daily operations will need to be put on…

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MFA Fatigue – Attackers Count On You to Tire Out and Give In.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is an excellent way to protect your accounts. It is a second form of protection beyond your account password, causing you to verify your identity before your account will log in. You can learn more about ‘What is MFA?’ in a previous PC Corp blog. While the various MFA methods do provide…

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The Importance of Data Destruction for Business Data Management

In an increasingly digital world, our information storage capacity has expanded to match, while the means of storage themselves have become physically smaller than ever. Whether using portable media or larger systems, the constantly growing amount of data we hold also carries an increased risk of theft. In decades past, data theft for profit or…

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