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Key Announcements from Dell World 2024: What Your Business Needs to Know

The Dell Technologies World 2024 conference in late May was an opportunity for many IT enthusiasts to learn, connect with their peers, and meet with Dell representatives. Gathering in Las Vegas, attendees heard from Dell innovators and technology industry visionaries on the theme of “Accelerate your AI adoption”. They shared ways that Dell has leveraged artificial…

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Four IT Support Strategies for Integrating AI in Your Organization

Over the last few years, rapid innovations in artificial intelligence have sparked a tidal wave of excitement over their promise to revolutionize various workplace tasks. Some experts even predict that generative AI could increase the global GDP by 7% in the next ten years. In response, organizations across multiple industries are embracing AI as the…

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Protect Your Business from Callback Phishing Attacks with Managed IT Services

Organizations are navigating through an increasingly complex variety of cybersecurity threats. Among these, ransomware attacks have emerged as a significant concern, notably impacting operations and financial stability. With these attacks constituting nearly a quarter (24%) of all data breaches in 2023, the critical importance of adopting vigilant cybersecurity practices has never been more evident.  Phishing…

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