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End Point Detection and Response: Get Active Protection From Cyber Threats

In response to a rising cyber threat environment, companies have increased spending on security solutions. In fact, Gartner has predicted a 9% increase in spending on IT services in 2023. Organization leaders know that now more than ever, they’re susceptible to a cyberattack and need to prioritize active protection for their environment. End Point Detection…

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PC Corp Virtual Chief Information Officer Experience

Cybersecurity, sustainability, artificial intelligence, supply chains, and customer experience — these are several forces that business owners must consider when using technology for their operations.   To succeed in 2023, modern businesses need a skillfully administered and secure IT infrastructure steered by someone with a deep understanding of their goals and industry. A chief information officer…

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A Battle of Microsoft Tools: Microsoft Planner vs. Project

Even if you’re the most organized project manager on the planet, having technology tools to help and enhance this can make a massive impact in the workplace. The right technological support can increase productivity and create seamless processes. In turn, this will allow you to stick to your budget more easily while completing tasks in…

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