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Technology Trends for 2023: What to Know Going Into the New Year

As 2022 winds down, companies are looking toward the future. While they reassess their strategies and set goals for the year ahead, they want to prioritize upgrading their technological infrastructure. Yet it’s hard to manage the potential impact of technology trends for 2023. Just as digital tools quickly become standard features in our day-to-day operations,…

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How to Get Rid of Adware and Protect Your Device

“Congratulations! You’ve won!” This sign appears on your screen as you draft an email. Not again, you think to yourself. If you are constantly being bombarded with unwanted advertisements on your computer or mobile device, it could be a sign of an adware infection. These types of ads can show up in the form of…

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6 Tips on How to Protect Your Phone From Hackers

Smartphones are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity for navigating the world around us. In fact, 88% of Canadians and 85% of Americans currently own smartphones, making them a permanent fixture in our daily lives. They function like mini-computers, with the capacity to support almost every activity, from work and socializing, to shopping…

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