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We provide you with worry-free managed IT services so you can focus on your core business.

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What makes our managed I.T. services different?

Peace of Mind So You Can Focus on Your Business

Running a business is hard. Outsourcing technical expertise to make sure that your network, workstations, software and internet presence run smoothly is smart. Buy peace of mind by hiring seasoned pros like PC Corp’s team of Managed I.T. Service professionals to watch over your business while you’re busy doing everything else that is required for your business to succeed.

We Keep Your Business Safe

Safeguard your data assets by hiring professionals to ensure that authentication, security and software support is maintained, your systems are managed, and backup and recovery of your data assets are covered. Trust PC Corp to keep your business safe.

Round-the-clock Protection

Concerned about the vulnerability of your network, or the appearance and reliability of your web presence? PC Corp’s network engineers can monitor your up-time and take the right action when your network goes down.

The NOC (Network Operations Centre) supports business in the background. It is the location from which network monitoring and control is exercised for the purpose of overseeing networking environments that want high availability. NOC personnel are the direct line of response to first identify and analyze the problems, performing troubleshooting, and, where required, subsequent escalation, prompting on-site technician response.

Hassle-Free Backup & Recovery

Having a good strategy for backup and recovery of your data and electronic assets isn’t a function of the size of your business, but of the experience and savvy of those you hire to work on your behalf.

I can surely say that response time from PC Corp staff has been very good. … PC Corp has spoiled our staff and we have been expecting similar services and response time from other vendors.

- Northern Alberta Municipality

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