Here's what drives us:

This image shows an IT consultant working at PC Corp

In 1982, on the heels of IBM entering the personal computer business with its now iconic ‘PC’ and the year the concept of a worldwide network of interconnected networks was introduced as the ‘Internet’, PC Corp opened its doors.
In so many ways that seems like so very long ago.

Over the last, going onto four decades, we have seen our industry evolve and change continually.  We soon grew to love that it can be both extremely challenging and utterly rewarding, but it became our passion because of the people in it.  Seeing the evolution of both our teams and our clients provided us with a sense of accomplishment that no strictly-technical learning ever could.

We both still remain actively involved in the organization, working together with a very engaged management team.  “Making I.T. Easy” continues to be our battle cry.

We hope you enjoy working with our organization as much as we enjoy working in it!

Isabel Bernete & Eldon Morrison

Founders, PC Corp

We're more than IT.