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Desktop Virtualization Solutions That Enable Your Workplace Future, Now

Organizations are rapidly implementing and expanding secure, remote work options for their organizations. Desktop virtualization solutions can be rapidly deployed to enable a remote workforce, now. Your first step to transforming the remote work experience is to identify the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that meets your organizational needs.  The ideal VDI solution is not…

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Power Wellness & Productivity with Insights in Microsoft Teams

The world of work is different now. Kitchens are boardrooms. Our kids and pets are officemates. We commute less and virtually meet more. Separating work life from life life is more challenging now than ever. The juggle is real and it’s easy to forget that to thrive at work, we need to take care of…

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A More Resilient and Engaged Workplace with Microsoft Teams New Features

Microsoft Teams goes way beyond video meetings. It’s a place to exchange ideas, share ideas, and create human connections, helping you to navigate the new way of working. At Microsoft Ignite, Sept 22 -24, Microsoft Teams announced new interactive meeting capabilities help teams feel more connected, decrease meeting fatigue, and make meetings more efficient. Dynamic…

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