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What is VoIP and How it Benefits Your Business

In the modern-day workplace, technological evolutions have led to significant advances in both hardware and software solutions, causing a paradigm shift in the ways we communicate. As a result, many businesses have transitioned their data storage to the cloud – highlighting the benefits of moving their telecommunications there, too. Traditional phone systems have become antiquated…

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Encrypting Your Hard Drive to Protect Your Data

Protecting internal and external hard drives is vital to maintaining information security, and the best way to do so is through encryption. Amongst the I.T. community, encrypting your computer is like the most basic of preventative health measures; it’s an essential step to protect yourself (and your data). Because encrypted hard drives increase the difficulty…

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Staying Secure During the Cybersecurity Affects of the War in Ukraine

The war on Ukraine is a global crisis that cannot be ignored. The armed fighting may be hundreds or thousands of miles away for many of us, but the digital warfare against Ukraine and its supporters is global. There are growing concerns about a proliferation of cyber attacks directly targeting Canadian organizations. What Kind of…

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