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The MGM Resort Attack: A Case Study On The Importance Of Security Awareness Training

Guests typically visit the MGM Resorts in Vegas to relax and unwind. But after the company detected a cyberattack last month on September 10, visitors had an exceptionally unsatisfactory experience. With their computers shut down, MGM had to resort to operating manually – leading to ten days of pure chaos. Customers at the casino hotel…

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QR Code Scams: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Quick Response (QR) codes have made a huge comeback after surging in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, these black-and-white squares offered businesses an appealing solution to create physical distance. Beyond allowing more sanitary customer interactions, these codes also offered convenience, flexibility, and accessibility — requiring no special equipment beyond a smartphone’s…

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Remote Work Security: Best Practices for End Users Working from Home or Other Remote Locations

Remote work saw an unprecedented surge during the COVID-19 pandemic as companies adapted to the new circumstances. Collaboration at home became more accessible, with tech businesses leveraging the moment to advance telecommuting solutions significantly. Since then, remote and hybrid work has become commonplace – although challenging. Many businesses, from Amazon and Zoom to Meta and…

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