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Tax Season Email Scams to Watch For

Over the next couple of months, the pressure rises to file your tax return accurately and on-time. In doing so, you’re handling and giving out vast amounts of sensitive personal information. As such, it is increasingly important to be wary of phishing emails. Cybercriminals tend to increase their efforts to steal your money or data…

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Coronavirus Email Scams Targeting Individuals and Businesses

Hackers are using the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus to scare people into clicking bad links, open malicious attachments, or provide confidential information. Use caution with any media links, emails, or text messages related to the Coronavirus. Look out for Coronavirus topics such as: Infection location map links Health risk warnings from local school districts;…

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IT Trend 2020: IoT Device Security is Tying Up IT Resources

Companies are increasing their use of IoT devices within their businesses and they need to know about the security risks these devices can pose. Many IoT device manufacturers are not focused on your IT security and the devices they produce can have vulnerabilities that make them easy targets for hackers. For example, the devices might…

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