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How to Leverage the Different Types of VPNs to Boost Your Network Security

The recent cyberattack at the RCMP shows that no one is immune to facing the risks of operating in an environment fraught with constant cyber threats, not even major security-focused government institutions. Although that case thankfully didn’t have a severe outcome, bad actors have the potential to disrupt our online activities and expose sensitive information…

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Think Before You Ink: Understanding the Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities of Using Third-Party Toner and Ink Cartridges

Businesses are constantly seeking ways when building their IT budget to optimize their expenses, cut costs, and divert savings to more crucial business functions — especially now, when 67% of Canadians are feeling anxiety about the state of our economy. One measure they commonly take is switching to a generic off-brand manufacturer for their printer’s…

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Four Key Strategies for Refreshing Your Organization’s IT Systems and Infrastructure in 2024

As the New Year unfolds, many of us set personal resolutions to improve our health or learn new skills. This spirit of renewal is not just for individuals; it’s a perfect time for businesses too, particularly in revitalizing their IT services. Ensuring these services are robust, efficient, and secure is essential for the year ahead….

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