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What Is Digital Transformation and Why Are Companies Pursuing It?

What “Digital Transformation” Means If you search the Internet for the term “digital transformation”, you will find numerous definitions of it. The definitions vary widely, so it can be hard to quickly learn what digital transformation is all about. To understand what is meant by the term “digital transformation”, it is helpful to know what…

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Who Is On Your Premises? A Primer on Photo ID Badges

Photo ID Badges Are a Simple Way to Control Access and Protect Your Business Most people visiting your office have legitimate business reasons for being there although others, albeit a small percentage, have malicious intent.  For your business’ security it is important to know who is on your premises. That being said, you will need…

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Malvertising Is Likely Coming to a Browser Near You

Cybercriminals do not take holidays off — in fact, they often use them to their advantage. That’s how a group of hackers celebrated last President’s Day in the United States. A massive malicious advertising (malvertising) campaign involving more than 800 million ad impressions was launched on legitimate websites between February 16-19, 2019, according to Confiant…

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