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2020 … It has changed us. We live differently. We work differently. We connect differently.

This year, one of the hardest adjustments for us has been finding ways to connect while being physically apart; as the heart of PC Corp has always been people – our staff, our partners, and our clients. The in-person energy is hard to replace and replicate when we cannot be together. Instant messaging replaced the casual…

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The Element of Protection – Security Event

“Cybersecurity threats over the last 10 years have gone from the I.T. department’s problem and someone cracking your password, to an existential threat to democracy, to economies, to companies, to free thought.”  Laura Galante Founder Galante Strategies, The rise of the internet began in the early 2000s as we saw our online connectivity levels climb…

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Desktop Virtualization Solutions That Enable Your Workplace Future, Now

Organizations are rapidly implementing and expanding secure, remote work options for their organizations. Desktop virtualization solutions can be rapidly deployed to enable a remote workforce, now. Your first step to transforming the remote work experience is to identify the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that meets your organizational needs.  The ideal VDI solution is not…

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