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Building A Resilient Zero Trust Architecture With An Identity-Driven Approach

Cybercrime is a significant risk on every business leader’s mind these days, and for a good reason: during the first quarter of 2023, businesses reported a 7% increase in global cyberattacks per week compared to last year.  Yet frequent incidents like the recent UPS SMS phishing, Suncor ransomware or the DraftKings credential stuffing attacks show…

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Demystifying Zero Trust: A Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity Strategy

There’s a reason why “Zero Trust” is a popular subject right now. Remote work and hybrid environments have become a staple in many industries, leading to employees working from unsecured networks and storing data in the cloud.  We’ve also seen almost countless high-profile data breaches, like recent hacks impacting the software company MOVEit and Reddit’s…

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Why Your Business Needs To Develop AI Guidelines When Building A Future-Proof Workplace

Artificial intelligence has recently become a hot topic in the news, with recent platforms helping us accomplish tasks in ways we’ve never seen before. Many new AI tools have flooded the market, from image generators like DALL-E to the popular ChatGPT, used for copywriting and even teaching doctors about patient communication. You might feel tempted…

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