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Choosing the Right Hardware and Software for Your Business

Once an exclusive luxury, technology has become much more attainable since its inception. So much so that, with recent technical revolutions, it has become a fundamental element of every business. In fact, a robust hardware infrastructure and a modern software approach are vital for simplifying your operations, increasing efficiency, and securing a competitive advantage for…

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Optimizing Battery Health in a Remote Workforce

33% of remote workers leave their work notebook plugged into AC power all the time. This can negatively impact battery health. With the number of remote workers increasing, HP recommends companies use the HP Battery Health Manager to improve battery health and performance in an always-plugged-in environment. Key factor impacting battery health High-state of charge…

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What are Managed IT Services? And Why you need them.

I.T. infrastructure is the cornerstone of any organization, regardless of size. Because of its importance and complexity, maintaining this infrastructure is no easy task. From computers and phones to networks and passwords, managing an internal I.T. environment can be time-consuming and difficult to predictably budget. While this is valid for any company, it’s particularly daunting for…

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