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IT Trend 2020 – More Consumers Join the Fight to Protect Their Data Privacy

There is a real chance that your personal data can be stolen. After 2019 was fraught with numerous data breaches and controversial data practices uncovered, consumers are finally coming to the realization that ‘this CAN happen to them’ and that it’s not ‘someone else’s problem’. And, instead of shrugging their shoulders resigned to the thought that there’s nothing…

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Windows 7 Ends Support January 14, 2020

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end all support for its Windows 7 operating system. Businesses continuing to use Windows 7 will be vulnerable to security risks and viruses, and you should run into problems with Windows 7, Microsoft will no longer be providing support options. The reasons why are varied as to why some…

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How to Use Your Laptop’s Bluetooth Connection Securely

Many laptops and other mobile devices come with Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to this wireless technology, you can easily connect a keyboard, mouse, headset, or other peripheral. You can even use it to send files to a printer or share data. However, there is a downside to using Bluetooth connections. They can be risky to use….

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