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Workplace I.T. Security Basics – Lock Your Computer

81% of office employees have access to documents containing sensitive workplace information  An unlocked computer could allow a data thief to access to everything from financials, security codes, or intellectual property.  And from your computer, the ability to modify, remove and share that information. How can this be avoided? Taking steps to secure your computer…

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New Ransomware Masquerading as Apps and Games: Potential Serious Threat

A new form of ransomware is disguising itself as apps and games to trick people into downloading and launching it on their devices. Since January 1, 2019, cybercriminals have been using this dangerous ransomware, known as Anatova, to hold victims’ files for ransom. It has been found worldwide, with the largest number of victims in…

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Still Using Windows 7? Here is What You Need to Keep in Mind.

Many companies have not upgraded their computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The reasons why vary. For example, some businesses have not moved to Windows 10 because it is incompatible with their existing business apps or processes. Others have not switched because their existing hardware will not support Windows 10. While these are legitimate…

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