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Microsoft Q&A: A New Site to Get Questions Answered

Microsoft is replacing the TechNet and MSDN forums with the new Microsoft Q&A site. Discover why this change is being made and what will happen with the existing information in the old forums. For many years, users of Microsoft products and services have turned to the TechNet and MSDN forums to get their technical questions…

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5 Things to Know About Phishing

The more you know about phishing, the better you will be able to spot phishing attacks. Here are five phishing fundamentals that can help you avoid becoming the next victim. Only 66% of working adults correctly answered the question “What is phishing” in 2019 Proofpoint survey. This means one-third of adults do not know that phishing…

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3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Personal Information

There are many things we can do to protect our personal privacy.  The good news is, none of it is complicated and not all of it is related to I.T. or online. Here are three easy ways to help you protect personal information. Delete before discarding If you no longer need a device, like an…

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