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Creating Strong Passwords – by Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

*Kevin Mitnick’s 10 Rules for Stronger Passwords “It’s important to keep malware (malicious software) off your computer so hackers cannot intercept your passwords. Even if your passwords are very strong and hard to guess, malware can still allow a hacker to get them.” – Kevin Mitnick Always use strong passwords on the internet. A strong…

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Top 5 CIS Controls to Implement Now

As security challenges evolve, so do the best practices to meet them. To stay up to date, many I.T. security professionals refer to the CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC) list, published annually by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).  This is a ‘Top 20’ list that can help organizations better defend against known attacks as it…

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Key Features to Consider When Purchasing an Education Projector

Today, projector image quality is better than ever. There’s an abundance of education projector options to choose from. Meeting the needs of educators, administrators and IT staff is easier than ever. Choosing, however, can be daunting. Understanding the key technologies and specifications can help you find your best-fit education projector. Taking the time to assess…

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