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Six Strategies To Improve How You Build Out Your Managed IT Services Budget for 2024

In this era of digital transformation and technology modernization, financial planning for IT should be a strategic priority for every organization. Your IT budget impacts more than just the tools and technologies you invest in; it shapes every aspect of your business, from employee communication and customer satisfaction to data protection and operational efficiency. It’s…

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Essential Cybersecurity Solutions To Add To Your Business’s Wishlist for 2024

Here’s a startling analogy: imagine if we treated the total cost of cybercrime across the globe as if it were a country’s economy. In this scenario, with a cost of 8 trillion USD in 2023, cybercrime would rank as the world’s third-largest economy, trailing behind the United States and China. Data breaches, ransomware attacks, and…

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Understanding the Spectrum of Cyber Security – From Hardware to Software

Developing stronger cyber security strategies feels more urgent than ever before. Businesses face a growing tide of diverse cyber threats. They’ve witnessed a near-constant stream of noteworthy incidents, such as the British Library ransomware attack that compromised employee data or the data breach that affected RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces employees. Now, they worry about…

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