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How To Leverage IT Support from A Managed Services Provider to Augment Your Internal Support Staff

Thanks to technological advancements and shifting workforce dynamics, IT systems are becoming more complex, and our data more unwieldy – with experts estimating that our global society will produce 175 zettabytes of data by 2025. Overseeing an IT infrastructure in this environment feels like an increasingly impossible challenge—even for organizations with internal IT teams, who…

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Why Continuous 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance is Critical to IT Support

The recent cyberattack on the American company Change Healthcare shows that when cybercriminals successfully breach an organization’s systems, it can have devastating consequences. In this case, it impacted the ability of thousands to access vital services at several hospitals, insurers, and pharmacies nationwide.  Your company can avoid similar costly disruptions by undergoing an IT infrastructure…

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Key Performance Metrics to Consider When Selecting a Managed Services Provider for IT Support

Not having access to their technology is a significantly expensive experience for organizations. For example, a recent report highlighted that during a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, businesses lost an average of $6,130 per minute of downtime.  However, no matter the cause, the consequences of downtime on your infrastructure extend beyond financial losses. To help mitigate…

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