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Microsoft Cloud Services – Local Pricing Update

July 5, 2023: As communicated in October 2022, Microsoft has established a defined and transparent cadence to its existing process of aligning Microsoft Cloud pricing globally to U.S. dollar levels. This ensures that customers across different geographies and currencies will encounter consistent pricing reflecting the exchange rate of the local currency to the U.S. dollar…

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How AI Can Supercharge Your Zero Trust Cybersecurity Approach

Today’s cybercriminals are far from mere amateurs experimenting with their computers. They operate with the sophistication and organization of a full-fledged business, leveraging sizable teams and resources to penetrate your systems and compromise your data. Given this escalating threat, the projected growth of the cybercrime “industry” to $10 trillion by 2025 from its current $8…

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How To Make Data The Central Focus Of Your Zero Trust Approach

In recent years, there has been a significant shift among companies to cloud-based operations, spurred by the growing popularity of remote or hybrid work models. Every forward-thinking business, regardless of their working environment, is eager to exploit the advantages of digitization, from cost-efficiency and enhanced scalability to improved collaboration and productivity. It’s within this digital…

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