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PC Corp Takes a Green Approach to IT

Green computing is a growing priority in the tech industry and has always been a focus for PC Corp. After all, Alberta is a beautiful place to live, with thousands of acres of forests. For over four decades, we have been spreading awareness about sustainable technology to our network and employees. Your business is capable…

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Empower Your Team With User Awareness Training

Every second of every day, multiple cyberattacks occur. Globally, there are 30,000 attacks per day just on websites, and this number keeps increasing. What’s the number one cause of a breach? Human error. If you’re not making your employees part of the security culture in your company, security weakness is more likely. That’s why we…

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Cross-Site Scripting — Be Aware of These Website Attack Warning Signs

Doing business in 2023’s digital landscape is anything but easy when you’re constantly at risk from bad actors. With data breaches becoming a permanent fixture in the news, your heart probably races when you check your messages in the morning, wondering, “What if my company is the latest victim?” As a result, you want to…

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