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Business constantly takes executives across town or around the globe, often at a moment’s notice. Even on personal time, executives must be ready to respond quickly when business calls. This kind of mobility isn’t an aspiration for the executive of the future. It’s a requirement for doing business today.

Citrix empowers executives to work, meet and collaborate anywhere inside or outside the organization, on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office-simply and securely.


Citrix XenMobile is the revolutionary new way to mobilize your business. The product offers security and compliance for IT while giving users mobile device, app and data freedom. Users gain single-click access to all of their mobile, SaaS and Windows apps from a unified corporate app store, including seamlessly-integrated email, browser, data sharing and support apps.

IT gains control over mobile devices with full configuration, security, provisioning and support capabilities. In addition, XenMobile leverages the Worx App SDK, a simple and powerful SDK that Worx-enables any mobile app so that IT can add the appropriate policy, behavior and security controls. With XenMobile, IT can meet their compliance and control needs while users get the mobile freedom to experience work and life their way.

Discover how Citrix XenMobile offers a complete enterprise mobility management solution that enables IT to manage and secure devices, apps and data-while empowering users with the freedom to experience work and life their way.

10 must haves for secure enterprise mobility
While enterprise mobility brings opportunity for your users and organization, it also invites risk. Use this whitepaper as a mobile security framework for your organization and as a useful checklist for evaluating enterprise mobility vendors.

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Learn why Citrix XenMobile is a complete solution to manage apps, data and devices.

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Worx Mobile Apps

Mobile apps built for business. Delivered by XenMobile

Worx Mobile Apps are a collection of apps built for business. These include Citrix-developed apps like WorxMail, WorxWeb, ShareFile, GoToMeeting and Podio that allow users to work from anywhere. It also includes enterprise-developed, SI created and third-party apps that are Worx-enabled via an easy to use SDK or SDK wrapper. These apps contain essential enterprise capabilities (e.g., data encryption, password authentication, and micro VPNs). IT uses XenMobile to provision these apps to users’ devices and to configure the policies of these apps.

Worx-enabled apps are available in a variety of categories

  • Worx Mobile Apps that are included with XenMobile: WorxMail, WorxWeb & ShareFile
  • Other Worx-enabled mobile apps from Citrix: GoToMeeting, Podio, GoToMyPC
  • Worx-enabled mobile apps from third parties created using the Worx App SDK and available in the Worx App Gallery
  • Other Worx-enabled mobiles apps created by enterprise customers using the Worx App SDK

Citrix GoToAssist

Citrix GoToAssist delivers simple but powerful tools that provide fantastic support experiences for your users-no matter where they are or what device they're on. Its three integrated modules can be purchased together or individually: Use Remote Support to assist PC, Mac and mobile device users; Service Desk to log and track incidents, enable end-user self-service and manage configurations; and Monitoring to manage and inventory IT networks, servers and services. Elevate the support experience for your users and out-support the competition.

GoToAssist fact sheet
Discover how you can customize GoToAssist to fit the needs of your business

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