COVID-19: Business UNusual

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Here a PC Corp, it is business UNusual …

We are changing the way we work to be responsible world citizens while keeping the wheels of business turning. There is no excuse to stop; we hope that this is temporary, and we are all up for the challenge.

Our approach to doing business with you has always been “Secure by Design”, and this new way of working with you follows that same concept from a slightly different take.

It may seem unwarranted to take these measures, but we do have the tools to take care of you and your technology environment, even from a distance. We are now going to make good use of them. We will continue to work and meet with you, over the phone, in Teams, chat or video call, but we will do much of this remotely.

Following the science, and the directives of the Province, National and International Public Health bodies we will modify our procedures to ensure the best possible safety and security, since we are all responsible for the health and wellness of each other.

Welcome to the next chapter of our partnership. We look forward to what we can do and learn together on this journey.  

From all of us at PC Corp, be well.


If you have questions about this or other communications, please ensure to contact us: | | | Edmonton: 780.428.3000 | Calgary: 403.266.3000 | TF: 1.888.257.8525

Communications will keep coming as we all continue to work Business UNusual.

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