3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Personal Information

There are many things we can do to protect our personal privacy.  The good news is, none of it is complicated and not all of it is related to I.T. or online. Here are three easy ways to help you protect personal information.

  1. Delete before discarding

If you no longer need a device, like an old laptop, cellphone or smartwatch, ensure that all personal information is permanently removed before you get rid of it. Delete all personal information from your electronic media devices before discarding, recycling or selling them. In the event there is no method of wiping the device, you could destroy the memory chip or hard drive.

  1. Shred your documents

If you’re clearing out your filing cabinets, be sure to shred paper documents that include personal information. Shred or destroy items with names and addresses, such as, insurance and banking documents, invoices. Don’t discard them in your recycling or waste bins.

  1. Clean out your laptop bag

It’s also a good idea to reconsider what you keep in your laptop bag. Carry only the essential hard copy documents that you need to get a task done. Fish out those credit card receipts from the bottom and destroy them.

The same goes for your wallet. Pair it down to what you need. Remove any cards you don’t use regularly, especially your Social Insurance card and birth certificate. Carry only essential ID such as your driver’s licence and health card.


It sounds simple but how easily we forget the small things that can protect our privacy.


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