4 Benefits of Using Hosted Exchange Services

It is becoming more common for organizations to choose a Microsoft Exchange solution that will remove email server management from in-house to a server managed and provided by an offsite host.

Here are 4 benefits of using a Hosted Exchange Service that may help you decide if Hosted Exchange is right for your business.

1. Support

Setting up, maintaining and supporting an in-house email solution requires technical expertise, and time, which can get expensive if you do it on our own. By moving to a hosted Exchange service, you remove the many of the expenses associated with managing an in-house email server and the costs of providing the technical support when email issues arise.

2. Redundancy

Disasters can have a significant financial and reputational impact on businesses, and most cannot afford redundant infrastructure. Because it is offsite, a hosted Exchange service can continue to provide email services even during a significant infrastructure failure.

3. Storage and Archiving

Additionally, with a Hosted Exchange Service, businesses can provide their employees better service, larger mailboxes, and more storage for files. While user counts are generally predictable, storage requirements and email can grow exponentially.

4. Cost savings

Unstable or unpredictable costs are challenging for a business to manage. Most hosted Exchanged solutions will lock in monthly costs on annual contracts and will generally be less expensive than hosting your own servers.


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