Choosing The Right Server For Your Business

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Server for Your Business

Servers have the power to amplify your company’s productivity and efficiency while reducing maintenance costs and security risks. 

Buying a server is a smart investment for many growing enterprises, but sifting through all the options can be overwhelming. Each model comes with a host of different capabilities, so it can be challenging to find one that will deliver the maximum results and return on investment.

Explore the steps below to help you choose a physical server that will improve your IT performance.

1. Determine your business server needs

When buying new IT technology, always begin by examining your goals and requirements.

Why do you need a server? Will you use it for emails, file sharing, or data back-ups? Will your employees need remote access? What processor power, memory, and storage do you require? List out your needs and applications, so you can match them to the right server’s capabilities.

2. Consider your company’s size

Do you have a small team of 15 employees? A few tower servers should do the trick since this hardware is the most affordable and requires no cooling.

If your business is growing, racks are your best bet since they’re scalable and compact. However, this type of tech requires space for a cooling mechanism. Blade servers are meant for larger enterprises, because they’re the most space-efficient, but require more cooling.

3. Choose the best server in the market

Next, you need to compare and contrast potential server models. With everything on the table, it’s time to make the right server choice. Working closely with your IT department, find a model that checks off all the boxes while aligning with your budget.

Are you looking to simplify and deploy your IT infrastructure at lightning speeds? Try a rack server like the HPE ProLiant. If you’re running mission-critical functions and need 100% availability at all times, HPE Primera is an excellent option. Do you need to automate everyday functions and develop smarter apps? HPE Synergy is a powerful blade server. Whichever model you choose, we’ll keep your requirements top of mind to guide you to the right results.

4. Think about server expansion and maintenance

When installing your new server, it’s important to look to the future. If your business needs more storage and speed down the road, optimize your IT hardware and operating system for upgrades.

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Be sure to consider how to look after your server. We can train your IT department on best practices for maintenance, or our experts can provide managed IT services with 24/7/365 support. Our professionals are here to monitor, back-up, and troubleshoot your data, so you’re always protected.

As one of the most trusted IT consultants in Alberta, we make it simple to find a server that will increase your productivity and security. As a leading HPE Solution Provider with 60 years of combined experience under our belts, we’re equipped to do all the hard work for you. Examining your business needs and objectives, our team will outline specs and costs, while helping you weigh the pros and cons of each type of server.

Our friendly IT professionals are experienced in creating IT procurement strategies, so we can examine your requirements to find the right fit for your business.

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