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Former Employees Can Pose a Big Threat to Your Data

Data breaches by former employees do not gain as much media exposure as those caused by cybercriminals. However, these insider attacks can pose a significant threat to companies’ data as well as their bottom line, as the following examples demonstrate: Over a two-year period, the co-owner of an engineering firm accessed the servers of his…

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Fake Banking Wesites that Look Like the Real Deal

Cybercriminals Are Creating Fake Banking Websites That Look Like the Real Deal The Trickbot banking trojan is sending its victims to fake bank websites that are identical to the victims’ real bank sites. Learn how this malware works and how to avoid becoming its next victim. Banking trojans have been around for years. If your…

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Are Your IT Systems Prepared for Severe Weather?

Severe weather can be as devastating to your IT environment as cyberattacks. While you cannot prevent or stop events like tornados and hurricanes, you can prepare for them. With the correct preparations, you can minimize the damage to your IT systems and lessen downtime if disaster strikes. Here are five ways you can prepare your…

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