k-12 Standing Desks

Change it Up and Get ’em Moving – Classroom Sit-Stand Desks

Changing up your classroom environment and encouraging students to move creates a conducive space that supports the best learning outcomes for each student.

Mobile sit-stand desks, like the Ergotron LearnFit SE2 , let each student choose the most comfortable height for their needs and alternate between sitting and standing during the day.  Regular periods of standing increases blood circulation, burns more calories and helps maintain muscle tone.

Rearranging desks into new formations can inspire learning. Ergotron’s Classroom Desks are light, and their wheels make them a cinch to move, allowing for new classroom layouts to be arranged in minutes. Engage your students by having them roll their desks into unique desk formations to support your lesson plans.

The flexible positioning of the mobile classroom desks also gives students an outlet for their energy. Fidgeting and small movements no longer need to be contained in a stationary desk. Students can stand when they want and rest their feet on the base before sitting down for a rest break. Access to height-adjustable mobile desks reduces distractions in the classroom, supporting greater focus that can lead to academic success and can mean all the difference for kinetic learners.

We hope these strategies help you transform your classroom into an engaging, active space that supports student focus, well-being and academic performance.

The PC Corp Educational Team is here to make I.T. easy.  Please contact us for more information on mobile sit-stand desks or any other items where I.T. support can help to enhance learning. Simply email us at info@pccorp.com.

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