Congratulations to the Royals! – A PC Corp Staff Profile

Congratulations to The Royals! Look at those happy faces in their slick blue jerseys. This past weekend they were the winners in their division, in a tournament, held by the South Edmonton Slo-Pitch Association (SESPA). They played in some tough conditions facing rain, mud puddles, slick fields, and other various elements. Way to push through to the top!

The Royals are captained by PC Corp’s ServiceDesk Manager, Ashley. She is known for her ‘get-I.T.-done’ attitude and an advocate for ‘doing-I.T.-right’ for our clients. With a background in fitness, personal training, and an avid interest in outdoor activities, you can count on Ashley to participate, if not initiate, staff programs and social events where physical and/or outdoor activity is the focus. She’s led us through PC Corp Boot Camp, a series of high-intensity workouts. We’ve paddled through white waters, scaled mountains (despite a fear of heights), and even thrown sharp axes around! She is great at encouraging others to try new things and providing them support when they do – important characteristics for a team lead.

Speaking of trying new things, Kelly, our Inside Sales Consultant (ISC) also plays on The Royals. It’s her first time around playing slo-pitch and the team agrees that she’s made great strides in skill development since the start of the season and is contributing to successful plays. This is not surprising at all. Coming to us from outside the I.T industry, she started with the PC Corp team by assisting with enrolling computer systems. Here she showed us she could pick up on knowledge and processes easily. When we had the need for a junior support teammate in sales, we looked to Kelly. Though there was the added challenge of learning about our I.T. products and services in addition to the new role, she has been in the position of ISC for 1.5 years now, providing our sales team with support and our clients first class service with their orders.

The Royals continue to play slo-pitch with weekday games and have a few more tournaments this summer.  With these two PC Corp go-getters on the team, we’re confident they’ll have continued wins all season long. Batter up and play ball!

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