Coronavirus Email Scams Targeting Individuals and Businesses

Hackers are using the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus to scare people into clicking bad links, open malicious attachments, or provide confidential information. Use caution with any media links, emails, or text messages related to the Coronavirus.

Look out for Coronavirus topics such as:

  • Infection location map links
  • Health risk warnings from local school districts; Keeping your kids safe
  • CDC or World Health Organization emails or social media messaging
  • Scam fundraisers for “victims”.

Businesses are also being targeted by cybercriminals with malicious emails. These are cloaked as warnings about the economic repercussions that could occur as the illness spreads.

The email security firm Proofpoint has discovered Coronavirus-themed email attacks specifically targeting businesses in sectors particularly vulnerable to trade disruption – manufacturing, transportation and supply chain.  An email reads with the subject, “Coronavirus – Brief note for the shipping industry”. The email also contains a malicious Microsoft Office attachment which recipients are directed to download and open to obtain more information. Organizations that have concerns around global shipping should exercise extra caution around Coronavirus-themed emails.

For cyberscammers, this tactic is hardly new. Scammers of all sorts have worked to exploit attention and concerns on global crises. Whether you’re at home or at work, think before you click on emails from unknown sources, or provide any confidential/personal information.

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Photo by Tore F on Unsplash

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