Desktop Virtualization Solutions That Enable Your Workplace Future, Now

Organizations are rapidly implementing and expanding secure, remote work options for their organizations. Desktop virtualization solutions can be rapidly deployed to enable a remote workforce, now. Your first step to transforming the remote work experience is to identify the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that meets your organizational needs. 

The ideal VDI solution is not just about the number of users you need to support, but also the types of users and the workloads they run. Generally, desktop virtualization users can be classified into three user types: 

Task workers

  • Client-server and browser-based workloads 
  • High-capacity mixed workloads 
  • Specialized functions for office and task knowledge workers 

Knowledge workers

  • Specialized functions such as office automation, customer service, and task workers with client-server applications 
  • Collaborative groups, electronic health records (EHR), client-server and browser-based apps, and sales automation 
  • Enterprise-wide: Office automation with unified communications and browser apps, large-scale EHR, and back-office apps 

Power users

  • Graphics-intensive workloads: computer-aided design (CAD), engineering, design, software developers, media, and entertainment

VDI Platform Alignment

A key element of any VDI implementation is ensuring your platform supports the workload your users are producing. From traditional infrastructure to hyper-converged, to everything in between, HPE provides a broad portfolio of VDI solutions; designed for both Citrix® and VMware® environments, to enable your remote workforce.

Traditional Rack VDI Solutions

HPE ProLiant – Designed to support a variety of workloads and use cases, HPE ProLiant servers offer a traditional rack environment supporting both Citrix and VMware environments. Whether you support a small team or hundreds of employees, this solution can scale to exactly match the needs of your company.

HPE Apollo – When highly technical and creative professionals need to work remotely, getting the performance, security, and manageability they need to work from anywhere on any device can be challenging. The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 system—with support for up to four NVIDIA® T4 GPUs—is a density-optimized, scalable solution that meets the demands of compressed design cycles and unlocks productivity faster; so all users receive better application performance to support their high-end VDI workloads.

Hyper-Converged VDI Solutions

HPE SimpliVity – Well-suited for organizations, particularly small and midsize, who want a simplified hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) experience that starts small and scales in small increments. Unique capabilities include built-in data protection, guaranteed data efficiency, and virtual machine (VM)–centric management while providing peak and predictable performance without compromise for remote users such as office, task, and knowledge workers

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI  – The industry’s first disaggregated HCI (dHCI) powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is HPE Nimble Storage dHCI. It delivers the flexibility of converged infrastructure with the simplicity of HCI. It disaggregates compute and storage and integrates hyper-converged control to give enterprises effortless VM management with the flexibility to support workloads with unpredictable growth. HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is intelligently simple, resilient, and efficiently scalable.

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI also enables you to convert existing HPE ProLiant DL360/DL380 Gen9 and Gen10 Servers into VDI solutions. Organizations can start with a small, medium, or large configuration, and then scale compute or capacity flexibly onto HPE Nimble Storage dHCI.

Composable VDI Solutions

HPE Synergy – For large organizations with thousands of engineering, knowledge, and task workers, consider HPE Synergy. HPE Synergy facilitates high user density, VDI application loads from the most complex 3D graphic visualizations, common office suites, communications, and browser-based applications to a large-scale client server. Architected to accommodate dynamic resource loads, HPE Synergy quickly and easily composes compute, storage, and fabric resources through a single user interface or rich application programming interface (API) to optimize configurations, automate deployments, and scale-out for vital VDI workloads.

Bare-Metal VDI Solutions

HPE Moonshot – Ideal for knowledge workers such as financial traders, medical staff, or software developers who demand an exceptional user workspace experience. HPE Moonshot was designed from the ground up to be a solution-focused and workload-optimized system. The innovation behind Moonshot is simple—replace traditional, power-hungry, general-purpose processors with more efficient processors tailored for specific workloads. HPE Moonshot lowers IT costs through its unparalleled combination of high performance, extreme server density, and energy efficiency. When deployed as bare-metal VDI, HPE Moonshot delivers more than a 70% performance advantage and consumes 25% less power than the previous generation.

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