Get Your Weekends Back with HPE InfoSight

Let’s talk for a moment about what HPE InfoSight is. Simply put, HPE InfoSight is the industry’s most advanced AI, and its AI-driven operations and insights are completely transforming IT’s approach to infrastructure management. HPE InfoSight has led the industry away from what was essentially a reactive management model to an intelligent, predictive model — and saves you hours of lost productivity by proactively fixing issues before they impact your operations.

CRN recently recognized the ground-breaking capabilities of HPE InfoSight from three distinct perspectives:

  • As an innovative and easily integrated Technology. HPE InfoSight’s cloud-based machine learning and deep telemetry — having analyzed more than 1,250 trillion data points since 2010 — provide a seamless, global intelligence across environments to deliver autonomous IT.
  • As a driver of Revenue and Profit. Industry analysts ESG found that, among real-world customers, HPE InfoSight predictive analytics drove an average 79% drop in operational expenses, cut trouble tickets by 73%, and mean time to resolution by 69%. HPE InfoSight also delivers significant business value well beyond support, like the ability to predict and prevent issues before they occur, and accelerate application performance.
  • As a unique product that answers Customer Demand. HPE InfoSight’s demonstrated ability to enable an infrastructure that is self-managing, self-optimizing, and self-healing while supporting hundreds of apps and thousands of workloads has radically changed customer expectations.

Forget reacting to issues with limited visibility across complex, siloed infrastructure. HPE InfoSight delivers AI-powered autonomous operations that ensure your environment is always-on, always-fast, and always-agile.

With predictive support and AI-driven operations, you can expect lower operational expenses, fewer trouble tickets, less time to resolution, more time back in your day, and dare we say it … possibly get back your weekends?

How does HPE Infosight fit into your environment?

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