How To Recognize a Phishing Email

DOWNLOAD our guide on ‘how to spot a phishing email’ – it may help you stop an attack on your network. Please feel free to post and distribute this resource to your employees.

“Small is the new big” when it comes to cyberattacks. Smaller, more personalized malware attacks are increasing in number and sophistication with unsuspecting employees increasingly becoming the weakest link to your business’ network security.

In the past, hackers have often distributed malware that took advantage of software and hardware vulnerabilities. However, as more businesses are now regularly patching their software and updating hardware, cybercriminals are putting more effort into fooling humans. Attempts to hack and attack become more personal with phishing emails containing language, references and/or requests that specifically target the receiver. Ex) An email inquiring about payments are sent to accounts payable individuals.

Educating employees on the dangers of phishing emails and their characteristics is critical to your business’ network security. By taking a moment to review and verify unexpected emails before opening attachments, or providing business sensitive (or personal) information, can significantly decrease your risk of a cyberattack.

And when in doubt, notify your IT department if you think you have a suspicious email or file. They can help determine if it is a threat before your business systems are infected.

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