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IT Procurement Services: Software and Hardware That Are Aligned With Your Business

Every business must have a solid technological infrastructure to operate successfully in 2023. To keep up with your competitors, you should not only use the best technology, but you must also ensure that your technology meets industry standards. Beyond that, your technology should enhance your workplace productivity, while keeping your data secure. If you don’t know where to start, IT procurement services may be what you need. 

This process can seem overwhelming and time-consuming. After all, who has the time to determine the best software and hardware for your business needs? Luckily, you can offload that pressure and workload to a managed services provider (MSP) that delivers IT procurement services or a stand-alone procurement provider. PC Corp offers managed services and procurement services. These two lines work closely together to ensure that your hardware and software meet industry standards while aligning with your managed services IT support.

Third-party procurement services can provide an impactful solution for achieving tangible results for your business. This article will explore how your company can use procurement services to create and sustain a thriving workplace this year.


Procurement specialists can select your business’ physical equipment for completing work tasks, including desktops, tablets, and other devices. They manage the entire procurement process, including ordering and purchasing.

They can also advise on maximizing your equipment purchases to benefit your company’s strategic vision. These experts will balance your priorities and anticipate your needs, choosing hardware that aligns with your business goals and working holistically within your workplace environment. For example, recommending laptops that work with a common docking station — should a laptop need to be replaced or upgraded, it’s not necessary to also replace its dock.


Procurement teams can also simplify software procurement and software licensing, which, in 2023, can be even more costly and confusing than hardware procurement. They will source efficient and up-to-date software to help your business run smoothly and productively while consolidating your existing licenses to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. 

The specialists will also ensure your software complies with industry regulations while being compatible with your unique requirements. Additionally, they can help you deploy the technology within the workplace.

At PC Corp, we will track the lifetime of your software licensing, to ensure timely renewals and avoid experiencing disruptions in your services due to a subscription lapse. We can also ensure you optimize your software use, taking advantage of all software entitlements such as home use rights, training, or free upgrades. 


When you outsource your procurement, you can delegate the tedious logistics involved in building an IT infrastructure. At PC Corp, a procurement specialist will work closely with our solution architects to source the most valuable servers and storage solutions.

The solution architect will ensure the hardware or software align with your infrastructure, and the procurement specialist will then place the order. Additionally, on top of helping to support the infrastructure, support with budgeting, tracking costs, research, and contract negotiations can be provided. For companies that operate on a hybrid work model, our team can help you create a cohesive experience for your employees when working from home, office, or anywhere.

Determining your network solutions, and whether your company wants to work with a cloud, hybrid, or on-premise infrastructure is important. When selecting your infrastructure, our team will prioritize your organization’s cybersecurity, helping you choose secure products that can effectively prevent and fight malicious activity. 

In short, we take care of the fine print, process, and implementation so that you don’t have to.

Procurement Benefits

1. Process Simplification and Streamlined Approvals

A dedicated procurement team can set up a seamless process to simplify procurement tasks. The specialists can facilitate various changes to your workflow, including implementing tools like digital purchase requisition forms, digital order forms, or software that allows for approval and renewal notifications.  

Procurement specialists can help standardize the approval process, including creating protocols and procedures and using a pre-approved vendor list. With their expertise and resources helping you make an informed purchase, your employees can spend less time making, approving, and executing purchase decisions. Instead, they can focus their time on mission-critical tasks. Additionally, by standardizing the procurement process, the team can help your business avoid unnecessary administrative costs. 

2. Improvement in Communication Channels

When you work with an expert procurement team, you will create a centralized place to coordinate your IT purchases. You can avoid setbacks in implementing your technology because you will have a straightforward and rapid procurement process with fewer people involved in making decisions. They can also use their existing vendor relationships to improve communication and speed up the process, ensuring more peaceful and efficient collaboration.

3. Cost Savings

With their solid expertise, a procurement team can identify the best prices for the best cost-effective resources that will give you the most value. The team proactively researches new options, making updates to keep up with changing technology. They can also use their existing vendor relationships to negotiate the best deal possible.

The specialists can also provide inventory control support, to help your company avoid overbuying and committing to any unnecessary expenses. When it comes to software procurement, they can also help co-terminate your licenses so that you can expect more predictable renewal costs and better timing. The team’s strategic vision will keep your long-term growth and financial viability in mind with every purchase, constantly seeking to optimize your investments.

Explore Our Procurement Services

At PC Corp, we provide comprehensive IT Procurement Services to address your technology needs. Our experts will guide you every step of the way, whether you are looking to build your IT Infrastructure, upgrade your systems, or refresh your software or licensing approach.

We approach you and your organization with strategy, ensuring every decision fits your organization’s long-term vision. This means your company can expect a flexible solution that prioritizes security and growth. Connect with us today to work with our team, and see the benefits for yourself.

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