IT Trend 2020 – More Consumers Join the Fight to Protect Their Data Privacy

There is a real chance that your personal data can be stolen. After 2019 was fraught with numerous data breaches and controversial data practices uncovered, consumers are finally coming to the realization that ‘this CAN happen to them’ and that it’s not ‘someone else’s problem’. And, instead of shrugging their shoulders resigned to the thought that there’s nothing they can do, consumers are taking a more active role in protecting their personal data and privacy.

One action that more consumers will take is to fight for their data privacy rights in court. According to Forrester, “the backlash has begun” and they predict that privacy class-action lawsuits will increase by 300%. Consumers will also begin to push harder for data privacy regulations as well as take advantage of new tools being offered that can stop their personal data from being collected.

On a bright note, it is likely that marketers will get behind data security and privacy protection by engaging customers more personally. Forrester predictions for 2020 indicate that “some marketers will get ahead of the curve by curbing their reliance on third-party data. … Instead, they’ll seek to authentically connect with customers through targeted experiences.”

Tuning up your basic internet security practices is an excellent way to reinforce your data and privacy security when conducting business online.  Some easy practices include:

  • Do not use public Wi-Fi for banking, shopping online, or any communications requiring the transmission of personal data.
  • Only make online purchases or transactions with trusted companies.
  • Give out the minimum amount of personal information required for transactions.
  • Know how your information will be used and treated. Read the site’s privacy policy or ask.

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