Laptops Remain in High Demand & Short Supply for 2021

The whole world has been buying personal computers and laptops since March 2020 – the beginning of our transition to remote work.  One year later, laptops and their accessories remain the hot-ticket items and the supply is still struggling to meet the demand in 2021.

The main reason for the product constraints is the limited availability of processors and monitor panels. Processors are found in everything from IT hardware to IoT devices, and cars. Monitor panels are not limited to the monitor on your laptop or the free-standing monitor on your desk. Consider our ever-growing-in-size televisions, tablets, hand-held gaming devices, e-readers, mobile phones, and other devices with screens. Our sudden increased demand for all things electronic has the whole supply chain strained like never before.

By working closely with our suppliers and vendors, PC Corp has been able to keep the rate of laptops flowing to us within reasonable fulfillment timelines, but we too have regularly felt the squeeze for product availability. Laptops are regularly back-ordered for an indeterminate time, causing us to need to find other supply sources or product alternatives for clients. We are also seeing shortages also trickling over to accessories such as laptop bags, cameras, and microphones.

Our advice if you are looking for a laptop and accessories? Order early, have some flexibility with options and expect delays.

It’s never been harder for our team to fulfill laptop orders, but our commitment remains to ‘make I.T. easy’. We will provide you with in-stock and earliest arrival recommendations that best fit your needs and timelines, and keep you updated.

Looking for end-user devices or IT infrastructure for your business? Our understanding of the hardware supply chain and our supplier relationships are built on 38 years of IT hardware sourcing experience. Our procurement team would like to help.  Simply contact us at

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