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A Battle of Microsoft Tools: Microsoft Planner vs. Project

Even if you’re the most organized project manager on the planet, having technology tools to help and enhance this can make a massive impact in the workplace. The right technological support can increase productivity and create seamless processes. In turn, this will allow you to stick to your budget more easily while completing tasks in a timely, high-quality manner. Your organization’s success depends on a solid project management strategy, which starts with choosing the appropriate project planning tool.. 

With the growth in remote and hybrid work structures, work management applications can be a game-changer for coordinating and managing your team’s projects. During the pandemic, there was a rise in Microsoft Teams users. In 2019, there were about 44 million users, and in 2022, this increased to 75 million, allowing for convenient communication and collaboration. Aside from Teams, Microsoft offers two other beneficial tools that we want to focus on: Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project. They differ in functionality, so we’ve compiled a high-level comparison to help you choose which tool is better for you. Planner enables simple task management while Project allows teams to dive into more detailed, complex work. Let’s explore this in more detail.


A blue and orange chart comparing Microsoft Project vs Planner.

Which is Best for You?

Your team’s needs and project complexity will determine which project management tool is best for your organization. 

When deciding, ask yourself these questions: 

  • How many deliverables do I have? 
  • How many phases are required to complete this project? 
  • How much and what information do I need to track and measure? 
  • What are my costs? 
  • How many people are working on this project? 

Microsoft Project is an enterprise-grade solution for organizations working on complex projects that involve managing extensive resources and intricate coordination. On the other hand, Microsoft Planner offers small and medium teams a simple tool for task management and collaboration. Microsoft Planner can also benefit individuals looking for an intuitive resource for managing their personal workflow.

Microsoft Project has advanced features, offering more opportunities for flexibility and customization, while Microsoft Planner has limitations in its reporting, budgeting, and integration capacities. However, Planner is perfect for people who need a basic tool or don’t have significant experience in project management and want something beginner-friendly.

Still can’t decide? You also don’t have to choose; you can use them together to support your project’s planning and documentation requirements.

We Can Help You Boost Your Productivity

To keep pace with evolving industry challenges, your enterprise needs the best technology for the job. Navigating vendors, securing best-value pricing, and defining technical specifications can be tricky without extensive experience. 

At PC Corp, we have resources with a focus in Microsoft applications and licensing on our IT Procurement Services team who can help you determine the right software for your business. Microsoft’s tools are always evolving and can boost your workplace productivity to new heights. Connect with us today to get started! 

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