Microsoft Q&A: A New Site to Get Questions Answered

Microsoft is replacing the TechNet and MSDN forums with the new Microsoft Q&A site. Discover why this change is being made and what will happen with the existing information in the old forums.

For many years, users of Microsoft products and services have turned to the TechNet and MSDN forums to get their technical questions answered. However, the MSDN and TechNet forums are no longer meeting users’ needs. 

“We know how important it is for customers to have access to fast, accurate answers to questions about Microsoft technologies. However, the MSDN and TechNet forums are outdated,” according to Microsoft. “To provide the set of capabilities that our customers need and want, we created a robust, scalable, and reliable new platform called Microsoft Q&A.”

Introducing Microsoft Q&A

In the Microsoft Q&A site, participants will be able to ask and answer questions about all of Microsoft’s products and services. The site is part of the Microsoft Docs platform, so they just need to log in using the same credentials. Microsoft Q&A is a moderated site.

Microsoft has launched a preview of the Q&A site, so that people can explore how to ask and answer questions, search for existing Q&As, bookmark content, and perform other tasks. In the site, people can already post real questions and answers about a limited set of topics, most of which are related to Microsoft Azure at the time of this writing. Microsoft will continue to add more topics over the coming months. The goal is to get all topic areas on the site by the middle of 2020.

The preview site also includes links to an overview of Microsoft Q&A as well as a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Visitors can also use the “Site feedback” link to provide suggestions and feedback on the site.

What the Future Holds for the TechNet and MSDN Forums

Once the Microsoft Q&A site is running at full capacity, people will not be able to ask or answer questions in the TechNet and MSDN forums. However, they will still be able to view existing content. This is important because the forums’ existing content will not be migrated to Microsoft Q&A. 

Have a Question?

The new Q&A site provides a one-stop shop to ask technical questions about all of Microsoft’s products and services.

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