Overcome the Loss of Document Control with Citrix ShareFile

The “Dropbox Problem” – Who Has Seen Your Data?

Many organizations have lost the ability to control who has access to their intellectual property. Some of these companies are not even aware that they have lost this control.

Over that last few years, consumer-grade file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.com have silently employees desktops and without the knowledge or consent of businesses’ I.T. departments.

Overcoming the Loss of Document Control

According to a report by Osterman Research, almost 70% of organizations have staff that store work-related information in a personally managed file-sharing solution. If you’re one of those organizations, your data is at risk. Some of these risks include:

  • No IT oversight:  When users share data and files with Dropbox or other consumer-grade file-sharing services, IT loses the ability to determine how sensitive data is stored, accessed, and shared.
  • Employee mobility:  When corporate data is stored on an employee-owned device through a consumer-grade service, the data leaves your control when the employee leaves the company or loses their device.
  • Unauthorized viewing of documents:  Once a document is downloaded from a consumer-grade file-sharing service, it completely leaves control of the organization. Files can then be forwarded, shared, and viewed by users who shouldn’t be able to access the sensitive data.

Solve the security risk created by your organization’s “Dropbox Problem” with Citrix ShareFile.

Citrix and PC Corp can help you retake control of your organization’s intellectual property today!

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