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4 Trending Threats to Your Mobile Security

According to the latest numbers from eMarketer, approximately 25% of the world’s population uses smartphones. That number is expected to rise exponentially in the next few years. Hackers are noticing this increase, and many are now focusing their efforts on taking advantage of mobile device users. Here are four key threats to the security of…

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What to Include in a Laptop Security Policy

The portability of laptops makes them handy but also easy to steal or lose. Although replacing a missing company laptop is expensive, the consequences are much more serious if the missing laptop contains sensitive data. Having sensitive data lost or stolen exposes the company to problems such as the loss of consumer confidence and legal…

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Can VoIP Save Your Company Money?

In times of recession, businesses are doing everything in their power to cut costs and save as much as possible. One avenue for savings is switching from a traditional business phone plan to a VoIP plan. Can VoIP could save your company money? VoIP is a technology that has been around for a little over…

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