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How Software-Defined Storage Can Help Your Business

IT professionals have debated over the exact meaning of the term software-defined storage (SDS). While the details may still be undefined, everyone agrees that this data storage method uses generic hardware and vendor-specific software. In essence, SDS emphasizes the role of software in data storage, while traditional solutions focus on the hardware. 3 main reasons…

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Cloud Hosting vs. File Servers: A Pros and Cons Analysis

With cloud computing well into the mainstream and steadily replacing roles currently filled by traditional server architecture, it’s time to ask the big question: can cloud hosting replace traditional file servers for storing and sharing files between employees in your organization? Serving, sharing, and storing files was probably the very reason many small and midsize…

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How to Spot Phishing Attacks

One of the main tools in a hacker’s toolbox is the phishing attack. Hackers use these large-scale attacks to steal personal information from as many people as possible. Hackers using phishing are digital con artists. With hidden malware and a convincing pretense, they con people into handing over their personal information. They then use this…

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