Pay I.T. Forward for Fort McMurray

Every Friday at PC Corp is Pay I.T. Forward day. It’s a day where PC Corp puts focus on our organizational values, in particular, “treat others like we would like to be treated” and “make a difference”. We do this in small ways by promoting acts of kindness, such as making 2.00 donation into our Community Projects fund jar, topping up someone’s expired meter, or taking a moment to share a smile. Small things, easy things that make a bit of difference to someone.

Upon hearing about the devastating wild fire in Fort McMurray that forced its citizens to evacuate their homes and city, we dedicated our last Pay I.T. Forward day to our fellow Albertans affected by the fire.  We would act as a collection centre for donated relief supplies brought in by our staff.  Participation in volunteer efforts at relief centres or evacuee centres was encouraged.  We promoted to our team raise and pool our donations to the Red Cross which would in turn be matched by PC Corp.

In two days, we filled a mini-van full of relief items to the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services.  Staff donations to Red Cross flowed in and $1342 was collected.  This amount was matched by PC Corp for a total Red Cross donation of $2684.

… but that’s not all!  PC Corp’s Community Projects Committee often holds fun activities such as cookie sales, after work social and game nights, Popsicle days and lunch BBQ’s to raise funds towards our charitable initiatives.  These seemingly small activities to raise funds, as we found out, really add up. From our charitable initiatives funds, we were able to make an additional $7000.00 donation to the Red Cross!

In total, PC Corp’s Pay I.T Forward to Fort McMurray initiative raised a $9684 donation to the Red Cross.  With 2 levels of Government matching, Alberta and Federal, our effort makes an impact of $29052.00 for Fort Mac relief.  Great things happen when people come together and act with singular focus.

To the people of Fort McMurray, we are with you.  #AlbertaStrong

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