PC Corp Pets: Shadow our Tri-paw’d Buddy

Our pets have been a boon to our individual and team well-being through the pandemic. We will be introducing you to the animal companions who regularly accompany our staff to the office and those who keep our remote team company while working at home.

Introducing Shadow!

Six (6) months ago Shadow had his left front leg amputated due to cancer. But as you can see, nothing slows him down; nothing dims his spirit. Today he is happy, healthy, and loving life with his humans at home and at the office.

Wook at dat smile!

Breed: Rottweiler – Labrador cross

Human Companion:  Aaron, Technology Consultant-NOC, Edmonton

Aaron and Shadow’s Story:

“We got Shadow as a puppy from friends who had a surprise litter. He was free to a good home, so we didn’t hesitate to take him in. He got his name from following us everywhere we went no matter what we did.”

Things to know about Shadow:

  • He is LOVES people and is very friendly.
  • He is very intuitive and has learned to understand some words and training with no training.

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