PC Corp Pets: Vader the Dapper Dog

Welcome to the first in the series of ‘PC Corp Pets’! Our pets have been a boon to our individual and team well-being through the pandemic. We will be introducing you to the animal companions who regularly accompany our staff to the office and those who keep our remote team company while they work from home.

Introducing Vader!

Vader loves his business attire. Whether at the office or at home making appearances on video meetings, this lil’ guy is rarely seen without one of his ties on. He loves dapper neckwear so much that he’s amassed quite the collection.  When he’s ready to get down to business, he’ll scratch at the drawer where they are stored to ensure that he gets dressed for success.

Age: Between 10 and 11 years old. His previous owners weren’t sure how old he was.

Breed: Deer Head Chihuahua

Human Companion:  Kelly, Inside Sales – Edmonton

Kelly and Vader’s Story:

“I found him on a buy and sell ad through Facebook in 2015 and made arrangements to have a home visit. The gentleman who had him advised that Vader had 3 previous owners and that he couldn’t care for him. After seeing how malnourished he was I made it my goal to show him, that he was worthy of unconditional love.”

“It has been a long process to getting him healthy as he has liver issues, and his teeth and gums were rotten and infected. This past year has been good for him because we were able to get his liver under control and  his teeth removed so he can live a few years more as a healthy boy.”

Things to know about Vader:

  • He is very vocal and will let you know what he wants from you.
  • He is a very happy dog.
  • Very protective of me (Kelly) – pretty sure he’d put himself in harm’s way to protect me.
  • Formerly known as ‘Toby’. When Kelly adopted him, she and her family changed his name to Vader.

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