PCC Corp Pets: The Wonder Wieners

PC Corp team members have been doing remote work long before it became the norm. Nicole is one of them and she’s quite a distance from PC Corp’s home base of Alberta. Residing out East, Nicole works from home with her two Wonder Wieners to keep her company.


We are Phoebe and Stella.

Dog Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Human Companion: Nicole – Inside Sales Lead, PC Corp Edmonton Branch

Location: New Brunswick


I’m Phoebe.

Age; 14 or 15

“Phoebe was a rescue that I got about 5-years ago.  She is completely deaf and can’t see much anymore, yet these limitations don’t impede her love of life.

Phoebe likes everyone, but if she absolutely adores you, she will get excited and start to spin like crazy. If she spins for you, you are pretty darn special to her.

If you leave any food out, it will be gone as soon as you turn your back. She is a carpet shark!”

Life Goal: Destroy squeaker toys and spread the stuffing everywhere.

Special Skill: Climbs like a mountain goat (see picture).


I’m Stella.

Age: 10 or 11

“Stella came as a bonded pair with Phoebe and is the yin to Phoebe’s yang. She is a calm dog and has never shown any interest in toys or playing ball. Once in a while, she will get the zoomies but they are quickly over.

Stella loves to go for rides and gets super excited any time keys are picked up. She also gets super excited to go on walks but once she realizes that a walk is not a car drive, she is immediately bummed and will drag her feet.”

Life Goals: Eat treats, lick any surface within reach, nap – in that order.

Special Skill: Giving the side-eye.

Fashion Do: Costume wigs and hats.  Fashion Don’t: Doggie sweaters.

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