Power Wellness & Productivity with Insights in Microsoft Teams

The world of work is different now. Kitchens are boardrooms. Our kids and pets are officemates. We commute less and virtually meet more. Separating work life from life life is more challenging now than ever. The juggle is real and it’s easy to forget that to thrive at work, we need to take care of ourselves.

A focus on your personal well-being and your team’s well-being is required to be sustainable. Microsoft Teams can help with new productivity insights – powered by MyAnalytics and MyWorkplace Analytics.

Here is what is coming:

Personal Wellbeing and Productivity Insights – Recharge, Focus, and Connect

Personal Insights are coming in Teams for MyAnalytics users starting this October. People will be able to strengthen relationships with important people in their networks, seamlessly schedule time for 1:1s, stay caught up with key communications, and carve out time for important tasks and uninterrupted work.

New personal wellbeing experiences will be introduced in the first half of 2021. These include:

  • Virtual commutes. Add structure to your remote workday with a virtual commute, carving out time to have a productive start in the morning, and mindfully disconnect in the evening.
  • Scheduling breaks before your calendar fills up, helps to keep you from getting burnout.
  • Mindfulness experiences with Headspace help you stay focused and combat mental fatigue.
  • Praise allows you to strengthen team bonds and reinforce positivity.
  • Emotional check-ins help you to pause and reflect.

Manager Insights – Create Team Connection and Positive Change

For MyWorkplace Analytics users, Manager Insights rolls out to Teams in October. Gain line of sight into how your teams work with these insights into:

  • Afterhours collaboration
  • Cross company connections
  • Focus time
  • Meeting effectiveness
  • … more

These insights are windows into how work happened and their impact on employee wellbeing. Use them to identify where teams may be isolated and take action to break down silos, quickly discover opportunities to prevent burnout and to promote coaching and development, and boost engagement.

You and your teams’ well-being is important, especially in times of change. Taking care of one another allows you to thrive and your organization to build resilience.

Learn more about Microsoft’s productivity and wellbeing tools here: https://insights.office.com/ProductivityAndWellbeing

Then contact us if you want to get started. Let us help you improve remote work effectiveness with Microsoft Teams. We make I.T. easy.

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