Printing is Cool … Again

6 Reasons Printing is Cool (again)

Print is indeed alive, well, and valuable in today’s digital age. Harnessing its evolving power can deliver newfound results. From more impactful marketing to creating a more professional, credible presence in the marketplace, print matters.

So don’t jettison your office printer or vanquish print marketing from your business plan just yet. Print remains an important and critical player in the business world.


1. Print remains the standard

Despite profound digital advancements, printed materials such as contracts, government forms, and hard-copy reports still remain the accepted and unavoidable norm in today’s society.

2. Print resonates with the brain

A recent neuroscience study found that printed material generates more emotional connections and leaves a longer-lasting imprint on the mind than digital information,1 a nod to print’s enduring ability to engage customers and drive branding.

3.  The mobile world is getting crowded

Whereas digital materials might linger in the vast cyberspace galaxy, print can rest—simply and subtly—in our hands. A well-designed postcard, for instance, can help your business stand out, particularly as competitors ditch print in favour of digital.

4. Print offers a welcome respite from digital’s dominance

Many of us spend our days engaged in the digital world – in front of a computer for work, consuming media on smartphones, watching television, streaming music … etc. Increasingly, many people are breaking from the noise by going “unplugged” or incorporating a digital detox into their daily lives, decisions that often return them to the simplicity of printed material.

5. Print is cool (again)

As organisations flood social media and online channels to corral fans and showcase their offerings, print is earning appeal for its retro, straightforward qualities. No dancing graphics. No pop-up ads. Just some old-school design and text crafted from artisans’ hands.

6. Print offers credibility

As a professional communications medium, print carries weight. The look and feel of something in your hand gives it extra credibility and added importance.


Printing is back and it matters.


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