Aruba network traffic sensors

Resolve Network Issues BEFORE They Disrupt Your Users & Your Business

“My computer is SO SLOW!”  “You keep cutting in and out. Repeat that again?”  “I can’t get to my file.”  “This program keeps freezing.”  “It’s taking FOREVER to load!”  “Can you hear me now?”  “The internet is DOWN!”

Aruba’s User Experience Insight solution lets you get in front of the problem before users even notice it. Easily gather network insights from a user’s perspective and identify mission-critical application and network service issues. Then, proactively resolve network performance issues, while improving the user experience, and optimizing IT efficiencies and costs – all before the complaints come in.

How does it work?

The User Experience Insight Sensor tests your Wi-Fi network traffic, services, and apps 24/7 while the Experience and Insight Dashboard‘s smart notifications alert you if something is wrong. Together they help you troubleshoot remotely, saving you time and effort.

See real-time & historical data on:

-User Experience Data -Band -DNCP response time
-Channel -DNS lookup time -Signal strength
-Latency, jitter & packet loss -Throughput -Authentication
-Warning & issue details
– BSSID -Application  & service statuses

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