How to Protect your PC & Hardware From Heat Waves & Storms

Summer weather can be unpredictable. It can bring warming rays or intense ‘heat domes’; fresh airy breezes or high winds; cooling rains or lightning storms.

Protect and insulate your equipment from electrical surges and sudden power outages caused by severe weather. When power falters or fails the results can be devastating. Preserve your hardware and help protect your protect data from unpredictable power fluctuations.


Surge Protection

The most basic level of power protection is a surge protector. Surge Protection prevents an overflow of power from damaging or destroying your electronic equipment. By redirecting power, a surge protector reduces over-voltage risk, especially helpful for surges and brownouts where voltage can fluctuate without warning.


Battery Backup or UPS System

A more sophisticated form of power protection is a battery backup, or UPS system, which may be used to protect electronics in your home office, such as a desktop computer or networking device. In addition to surge protection, a UPS system offers a bridge of power until utility power is restored. Furthermore, if you plug in your modem and/or router, a UPS system can provide extended internet connectivity until power returns. This bridge of power offers you valuable time to stay online, save data, and safely shut down your devices during longer outages.
The UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is a fantastic appliance to add to your home. They provide power to your computer, television, or other devices when the power is out. They can even be used to charge your cell phone, tablet, or laptop in the same event. With a UPS for home use, you’ll be able to safely power and protect many of your home electronics when the power grid is not behaving

With working from home the norm, uninterrupted power, and power protection are crucial to help keep your home office and your business running. With the right plan and tools in place, including battery backup and surge protection, you can stay connected, powered, and protected in any working environment.

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Source: APC

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