The Equifax Data Breach Settlement is Spawning Scam Emails and Fake Websites

With last week’s announcement of the Equifax breach settlement, it did not take long for hackers to hijack the news and create another nasty cyber-scam.  Phishing emails designed to look like information on claims settlements and fake Equifax settlement web pages are targeting victims of the data breach and others.  Example of the phishing email is below.

Be on cyber-threat alert. The scammers are trying to trick unsuspecting victims into filing an Equifax claim to get a $125 payment when really, they are after the personal information that is entered when completing their fake claim forms.  The phishing email links will take you to a fake website which looks very much like the true Equifax settlement page. True Equifax claim website pictured below:

Double-check the website address

It’s always a good idea to double-check the URL in the address field of your browsers. Scammers will often buy addresses that mimic the legitimate URL, but with a few letters or words in a different order. Typos are one giveaway that you’re on a fake site, for example “Eqiufax” instead of “Equifax”.

Below are the legitimate URL (website links) related to the Equifax breach and settlement, that are commonly being spoofed by the scammers.

The FTC recommends you start all of your Equifax settlement-related tasks using their dedicated webpage for all things Equifax:

It’s not just fake websites to watch out for

Sending phishing emails and setting up fake websites aren’t the only ways a scammer might try to fool you. You may receive phone calls from scammers pretending to be an Equifax or government official, asking for your personal information to process a claim for you. Do not give any of your personal information over the phone. Or, if someone contacts you and asks for payment to file or process your settlement claim, it’s also a scam. Filing a claim is free.

For Canadians affected by the Equifax breach (estimated 8000), the US website that Equifax has set up is designed for US Social Security numbers only.  Affected Canadians will have been notified by Equifax via post.  For more information, here is the Canadian Equifax cybersecurity information page.


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