2020 … It has changed us. We live differently. We work differently. We connect differently.

This year, one of the hardest adjustments for us has been finding ways to connect while being physically apart; as the heart of PC Corp has always been people – our staff, our partners, and our clients.

The in-person energy is hard to replace and replicate when we cannot be together. Instant messaging replaced the casual desk walk-by greetings. Phone calls instead of in-person discussions. Video conferencing took the place of group meetings in the boardroom. It took added effort, extra resources, and getting used to new ways to connect, but was well worth it.

In this new age, with its new ways to connect, we encourage you this holiday season to reach out to family, friends, and acquaintances. Video chat, send an e-card, write a letter or email, call someone. Making those connections will refuel your energy and spirit. We wish you love and peace for the season, and the joy of connection.

We will make it through to the brighter side TOGETHER.


A message from our IT Elves:  You don’t have to go the technical journey alone. Connect with us. We have 3 distinct areas of IT specialization that you can tap into for services and advice.

Procurement Services IT Managed Services IT Project Services

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