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Empower Your Team With User Awareness Training

Every second of every day, multiple cyberattacks occur. Globally, there are 30,000 attacks per day just on websites, and this number keeps increasing. What’s the number one cause of a breach? Human error. If you’re not making your employees part of the security culture in your company, security weakness is more likely. That’s why we offer User Awareness Training as part of our Advanced Security service. Read on to learn more about this necessary security protocol and whether you should include it in your cybersecurity plan.  

What is End User Security Awareness Training?

Improving your human firewall, so to speak, is one of the best things an enterprise can do to reduce the risk of cyber threats. 

In an article from Forbes detailing End User Security Awareness Training and a global cybersecurity study, we learned some unfortunate statistics about human error. They said, “The Global Cybersecurity study found that 97% of cyberattacks involve an attempt to trick a user with some type of social engineering scheme. This human factor remains the number one security issue that enterprises face.” 

User Awareness Training combats this problem. Teaching your employees how to recognize and report breach attempts will cut down on successful malicious attacks and increase the safety of your mission-critical data. The training includes comprehensive lessons and tests to ensure your staff becomes your first line of defense.  

What’s the Process Like?

The goal of security awareness training is to feel confident that employees can detect and defend against bad actors. Cybercriminals will never stop praying on end users to gain access to business networks. So, ensuring your staff are part of the security fabric is essential. User training can be provided by design software that gives standard courses and quizzes to your employees. But the best awareness training is customized to each department based on which threats they will most likely encounter and provides overall awareness for all staff. 

PC Corp’s End User Security Awareness Training prepares your employees to:

  • Recognize phishing schemes via email, text (SMS), or social media
  • Use effective passwords and authentication
  • Understand different types of social engineering schemes
  • Understand safe personal data sharing and confidential data handling best practices 
  • Improve their home network security and mobile device security   

User Awareness Training Benefits

1. Minimized Security Risks

It’s hard to argue with the benefits of awareness training when we know that 95% of data breaches result from human error. We believe cybersecurity education is an essential component of a strong network infrastructure. Training your employees to be “human firewalls,” will minimize risk and ensure the budget you spend on your security architecture does not go to waste. 

2. Maintains a Professional Business Reputation 

The aftermath of cyberattacks and data breaches can include significant damage to brand reputation and customer loyalty. And repairing the damage done to your brand reputation could take years. Losses incurred financially after an attack due to a lack of cybersecurity education are not something you want to deal with and will make it difficult to maintain a professional brand reputation. 

3. Being Prepared

Ensuring your first line of defense – your staff – is prepared is another reason Security Awareness Training is so beneficial. It is a lot less costly to prepare your employees to detect and report dangerous actors than it is to deal with the negative shockwaves resulting from a cyberattack. It’s important to always be prepared. 

We Provide User Awareness Training

Our End User Security Awareness Training is designed to be engaging and informative. Our team aims to provide security support to your business and help you overcome IT challenges; human error is one of those. Security training will help educate your staff to be ready to detect and report cybersecurity threats. With the training, they will be able to take the appropriate actions to further prevent any future attempts. Our training program is an integral part of a layered security system we can implement to help your company mitigate threat risks.

There’s a scary responsibility on your shoulders to protect your business from malicious actors. You want to do everything you can to circumvent these attacks before they happen. Talk to us about our Managed Services, which include End User Security Awareness Training. Our programs are designed with security in mind and can provide your organization with layered protection against the threat landscape. Our highly-trained IT professionals are ready to work with you. Connect with us today!

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